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タイ公演 Concert in Thailand

ウズベキスタン公演 Concert in Uzbekistan

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2013年7月1日、<眠った竜>は<Ryuz リュズ>に改名しました。

Hidden Dragon changed its name to Ryuz on July 1, 2013.


マレーシア公演の記録をアップしました | The record of the Malaysia tour has been uploaded


The video clippings of the Malaysia tour in June 2014 have been uploaded. The photos and program of each concert can be seen on the Concert page.

最新動画 Latest videos


The encore piece, "Wau Bulan (Moon Kite)," in Kuala Lumpur, with Kamrul Hussin, one of the most leading music masters of Malaysia. 
The song is a traditional Malay song for farewell, and was fused with improvisational Ryuz style.


Am improvisational performance by Nobuto Yamanaka (Tsugaru-shamisen), Mohammad Hazrul Ain (gongs), and Azman M. Taip (percussion), in Kota Kinabalu. The spirited and powerful performance caused excitement among the full audience.

⇓ 日々のレポートをフェイスブックで更新中です! The activity report has been updated at the Facebook page Ryuz. Please click the Ryuz bottom to go to the page.

Ryuz (リュズ) ―「眠った竜」から改名― は、太鼓を叩きながら唄う独自のスタイルと圧倒的な歌唱力でソウルミュージックとしての民謡を精力的に発信する木津茂理、卓越したテクニックと豊かな音楽性で聴く者を魅了する津軽三味線の山中信人、ロックから現代音楽までジャンルを超えイマジナティブな音楽世界を造形する異才の作曲家・ボーカリスト・ギタリスト国広和毅という、3人の実力派ミュージシャンによる、ジャンル越境ユニットです。



Ryuz (former Hidden Dragon) is a group to explore music transcending musical borders, consisting of three exciting Japanese musicians: Shigeri Kitsu, who is disseminating minyo (Japanese folk song) as Japanese soul music, with her original singing style while accompanying herself on folk drum; tsugaru-shamisen (traditional string instrument) player, Nobuto Yamanaka, who has attracted considerable attention for his brilliant playing techniques and superb musicality; and Kazuki Kunihiro, who gives the group an exceptional appeal with his highly original and imaginative cross-genre compositions.

The group changed its name from Hidden Dragon to Ryuz in July 2013. Please watch About Ryuz, Video, Concert pages with full English translation.

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